Tava, meaning “Sun,” is the Ute name for Pikes Peak.

2018 is the 100th anniversary of the beginning of work on Barr Trail, which leads to the summit of Pikes Peak.

The Trail starts in Manitou Springs, Colorado, elevation 6,707 feet, and ends 13 miles later at the top of Pikes Peak, 14,115 feet. The picture above depicts what a series of ultrabright tactical flashlight bursts might look like on the section of the trail above timberline.

Conditions permitting, after dark at the tops of the hours and before the fireworks on New Year’s Eve, the AdAmAn Club will shine high-power flashlights toward Colorado Springs to celebrate the 2018 Centennial of the Barr Trail Survey which set the stage for the subsequent construction of the trail, completed in 1921. In the future, such lights could be used to promote events such as the Pikes Peak Marathon on the evenings before these events.

Although tavalights.org was inspired by the founder’s* childhood seeing the AdAmAn Club mirror flashing and fireworks, it is not affiliated with the Club. While tavalights.org seeks to raise funds for the organizations listed below, it is not affiliated with any of them.

If you’re nowhere near Pikes Peak, please visit glistenaria.org to see EASY ways to make ice lanterns — like the ones pictured below — for your front yard or holiday table.

A max easy way to make an ice lantern like the ones below is to put a large, deep round cake pan in the freezer. Fill with water. Prop the resulting ice disk in your front yard. Place a bright candle behind it. Voila — an Ice Moon. (You can purchase a set of four wedding cake pans perfect for this purpose from Amazon for $22.49.)

The primary purpose of tavalights.org

The primary purpose of tavalights.org is to help raise funds for organizations such as the following. The first five are listed to celebrate the Barr Trail survey centennial. Please make special New Year’s Eve First Light First Day donations — this year and every year.

El Paso County Search & Rescue is a non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to saving lives through search, rescue and education. All funding is derived from individual donations, grants and other types of fundraising.

Friends of the Peak is non-profit volunteer organization that works to provide a unified, pro-active voice for the preservation and restoration of the natural environment of Pikes Peak, to promote and enhance recreational opportunities and visitor experiences that are in harmony with the natural environment of the Peak, to promote and participate in research and solutions for the sound stewardship of the Peak and to promote awareness of and education about the Peak.

Barr Camp is a source of information, shelter and food for up to 20,000 Pikes Peak hikers and runners each year. The Camp is nearly 100 years old. Repair and replacement of structures and facilities are ongoing.

The Rocky Mountain Institute engages businesses, communities, institutions and entrepreneurs to accelerate the adoption of market-based solutions that cost-effectively evolve Earth from fossil fuels to efficient and renewable energy use.

Colorado Fourteeners Initiative protects and preserves the natural integrity of Colorado’s fifty-four 14,000- foot peaks through active stewardship and public education. An estimated quarter-million people climb these peaks every year. The Initiative builds and maintains sustainable hiking routes designed to minimize damage to fragile native alpine ecosystems.

The Union of Concerned Scientists employs and supports scientists and engineers who are developing innovative, practical solutions to some of the planet’s most pressing problems, including global climate change and the threat of nuclear war.

The International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons is a coalition of non-governmental organizations in one hundred countries promoting adherence to and implementation of the United Nations nuclear weapons ban treaty. The Campaign is the recipient of the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize.

The Climate Reality Project promotes the transition to renewable sources of energy in order to reduce climate change. The Project also trains and supports Climate Reality Leaders in 135 countries. These Leaders conduct educational events and encourage activity to address climate issues in their local communities.

The Population Media Center promotes gender equity around the world. It helps improve the quality of life for women and girls and thereby slows population growth, essential for the health and well-being of all people and the sustainability of the planet.

Tavalights.org is especially interested in helping to raise funds for global organizations that are working to reduce climate change, overpopulation and the risks of nuclear war.

Founding of Tavalights.org

*My name is Bruce Hathaway. I was born and raised in Colorado Springs and graduated from Palmer in 1967. Since I was a small child, I have been fascinated by the summit light on Pikes Peak, watching car lights coming down the highway on summer evenings and especially by the AdAmAn Club‘s mirror flashing and New Year’s Eve fireworks. One of the highlights of my life was climbing Pikes Peak with the Club in 1966 as the guest Boy Scout. I seek no personal recognition or publicity from tavalights.org. In fact I am a shy retired text editor who doesn’t even like to give radio interviews.

I will continue to support tavalights.org in any way I can, but my hope is that it will become a Colorado Springs organized and controlled organization. Tavalights.org is registered in Colorado as a non-profit organization.


Bruce Hathaway